Series 2 of Doctor Who, also known as Season 28 to differentiate it from Season 2, ran between April 2006 and July 2006 and starred David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. The 2005 Christmas special, The Christmas Invasion, and the 2005 Children in Need Special were filmed as part of the Series 2 block and featured on the Series 2 DVD. Despite this, The Christmas Invasion is listed as a special episode and therefore not considered to be a part of Series 2 by the Episode Guide on the official website. The 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride is sometimes listed as being part of Series 2, however it carries a Series 3 production code and is treated as a Series 3 episode by the BBC in its promotion and merchandising. Promotional postcard for the serieswgAfterContentAndJS.push(function() { if (window.showTocToggle) { window.tocShowText = "show"; window.tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle();}});

[edit] OverviewEdit

Each episode (not counting the specials) was accompanied by a short teaser "Tardisode" which was only viewable on the Internet; this experiment was not repeated for succeeding seasons and the Tardisodes were not included in the DVD release. The main story arc for the season was the Torchwood Institute, referenced only twice previously, which served to lead up to the finale episodes as well as the Torchwood spinoff series. A secondary arc dealt with the development of the love story between Rose and the Doctor. Series 2 saw the return of the Cybermen to television (albeit an alternate-universe version), and the return of companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9. Both were last seen (notwithstanding independent, fan-made productions) in 1983; their successful return sparked the commissioning of a second spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, for CBBC. The Series 2 finale saw the introduction of Donna Noble.

This was the first series to feature a "Doctor-lite" episode. These were episodes in which the Doctor (and, usually, his companion) only appear in one or two scenes, with the story carried by new, supporting characters. This allowed David Tennant to film two episodes at the same time. Love & Monsters was the first episode to use this innovation, though it did not receive the same level of acclaim later Doctor-lite episodes such as Blink and Turn Left achieved.

[edit] Television StoriesEdit

[edit] Mini-EpisodeEdit

# Title Writer Notes
N/A Children in Need Special Russell T Davies Follows on from The Parting of the Ways

[edit] Christmas SpecialEdit

# Title Writer Notes
N/A The Christmas Invasion Russell T Davies

[edit] Regular SeasonEdit

# Title Writer Notes
1 New Earth Russell T Davies Final Appearance of Cassandra, Reintroduction of the Face of Boe
2 Tooth and Claw Russell T Davies
3 School Reunion Toby Whithouse Reintroduction of Sarah Jane Smith. Final appearance of K-9 Mk. III. First appearance of K-9 Mk. IV. Mickey Smith becomes a companion
4 The Girl in the Fireplace Steven Moffat
5 Pt. 1: Rise of the Cybermen

Pt. 2: The Age of Steel

Tom MacRae Reintroduction of the Cybermen. Final regular appearance of Mickey Smith. First Appearance of Jake Simmonds.
6 The Idiot's Lantern Mark Gatiss
7 Pt. 1: The Impossible Planet

Pt. 2: The Satan Pit

Matt Jones First appearance of the Ood.
8 Love & Monsters Russell T Davies First Doctor-lite episode
9 Fear Her Matthew Graham
10 Pt. 1: Army of Ghosts

Pt. 2: Doomsday

Russell T Davies Final regular appearances of Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler. Final Appearance of Jake Simmonds. Formal introduction of Torchwood. First appearance of Donna Noble

[edit] CastEdit

[edit] Primary CastEdit

  • The Doctor - David Tennant
  • Rose Tyler - Billie Piper

[edit] Secondary CastEdit

  • Mickey Smith - Noel Clarke
  • Jackie Tyler - Camille Coduri
  • Pete Tyler - Shaun Dingwall
  • Jake Simmonds - Andrew Hayden-Smith

[edit] Guest CastEdit

  • Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
  • K-9 (Mark III & Mark IV) - John Leeson (Voice)
  • Lady Cassandra - Zoë Wanamaker
  • Face of Boe - Struan Rodger (Voice)
  • Queen Victoria - Pauline Collins
  • Mr. Finch - Anthony Head
  • Reinette, Madame de Pompadour - Sophia Myles
  • John Lumic - Roger Lloyd-Pack
  • The Wire - Maureen Lipman
  • Elton Pope - Marc Warren
  • Victor Kennedy - Peter Kay
  • Yvonne Hartman - Tracy Ann Oberman
  • Harriet Jones - Penelope Wilton

[edit] NovelsEdit

  • The Stone Rose
  • The Feast of the Drowned
  • The Resurrection Casket
  • I am a Dalek
  • The Nightmare of Black Island
  • The Art of Destruction
  • The Price of Paradise

[edit] Aliens and EnemiesEdit

  • Matron Casp
  • New Humans
  • Face of Boe
  • Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17
  • Werewolf
  • Mr Finch
  • Krillitanes
  • Clockwork Droids
  • Cybermen
  • John Lumic (Cyber-Controller)
  • The Wire
  • Ood
  • The Beast
  • Abzorbaloff
  • Hoix
  • Scribble Monster
  • Isolus
  • Cyber-Leader
  • Cult of Skaro
  • Daleks

[edit] Promotional TrailerEdit

  • A trailer using specially shot footage of the Doctor was created to promote the new season.

[edit] External LinksEdit

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